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Note: The statements under this page are pursuant to the 59A-8 MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR HOME HEALTH AGENCIES for the State of Florida. These are gathered sections that apply to the services offered by Royal Citizens , Inc.

A homemaker and companion service (HCS) is prohibited by Florida law from providing any hands-on personal care under the registration issued by AHCA; Personal care is considered a home health service and businesses in Florida must have a home health agency or nurse registry license to provide such assistance to clients. HCS should not accept clients that need personal care. HCS can only provide housekeeping, chore, errands, cooking, and companionship — that does not include any patient care.

Please refer to Florida Statue 400.476 Staffing requirements; notifications; limitations on staffing services.

The home health agency that provides only non-skilled services and is not Medicare or Medicaid certified is no longer required to be accredited as of July 1, 2014 pursuant to section 400.471(2)(h), F.S. If the home health agency elects to give up its accreditation, the home health agency will inform AHCA by providing a copy of the letter it sent to its accrediting organization that shows the accreditation termination date. Any home health agency that gives up its accreditation should copy the AHCA Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit on the letter that they send to the accrediting organization that says the date that their agency will no longer be accredited. Fax the letter to the AHCA Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit at (850) 410-1511.

(1) “Assistance with activities of daily living” means a certified nursing assistant or a home health aide provides to the patient individual assistance with activities of daily living, including the following:

(a) Ambulation. Providing physical support to enable the patient to move about within or outside of the patient’s place of residence. Physical support includes holding the patient’s hand, elbow, under the arm, or holding on to a support belt worn by the patient to assist in providing stability or direction while the patient ambulates.

(b) Bathing. Helping the patient in and out of the bathtub or shower being available while the patient is bathing. Can also include washing and drying the patient.

(c) Dressing. Helping patients, who require assistance in dressing themselves, put on and remove clothing.

(d) Eating. Helping with feeding patients who require assistance in feeding themselves.

(e) Personal hygiene. Helping the patient with shaving. Assisting with oral, hair, skin and nail care.

(f) Toileting. Reminding the patient about using the toilet, assisting him to the bathroom, helping to undress, positioning on the commode, and helping with related personal hygiene, including assistance with changing of an adult brief. Also includes assisting with positioning the patient on the bedpan, and helping with related personal hygiene.

(g) Assistance with physical transfer. Providing verbal and physical cueing, physical assistance, or both while the patient moves from one position to another, for example between the following: a bed, chair, wheelchair, commode, bathtub or shower, or a standing position. Transfer can also include use of a mechanical lift, if a home health aide is trained in its use.

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